Limited edition Canvas print on bags


Canvas print sewn onto a repurposed canvas bag.

Thanks to a very generous donation of canvas prints from Senecio Digital, and a donation of canvas bags, we have some limited edition canvas prints worth £65.00 that have been hand stitched onto canvas bags and because of such generosity 100% raised will go specifically to help provide rehab activity packs to other younger and working age stroke survivors in the UK. These can be removed (and I encourage you to!)  from the canvas bags and framed.

There were a total of 33 bags produced making them very limited edition.  The prints available are Awakening (floral print) and Smile (St Michaels Mount).



Repurposed natural canvas bag with Limited Edition Canvas art print worth £60 sewn on.

This Print can be removed and framed.

Thanks to Senecio Digital in Banbury for donating the prints to help raise money to raise funds for rehab packs for younger and working age stroke survivors.

Bag Size: (15″x17″)

Print Size: 11×11″ inc border (physical image size 10×10″)

Colour of Bag: Natural

Artwork: Canvas Art Print of Awakening (Floral print) or Canvas Art Print of Awakening (Floral print)

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Smile (St Michaels Mount), Awakening (floral)


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