British artist Jo, is mainly an impressionistic artist whose heart lies with the skies.  Her passion is painting landscapes and seascapes inspired by memories, whilst also exploring realism.  Her work aims to capture the viewer with the evocative emotion within.

Some would say Jo is relatively new to art, only beginning in late 2017 following a life changing experience.

What felt devastating overnight for Jo (and she does not say it for sympathy) gave her something utterly remarkable and she gained the gift of art. Jo couldn’t paint before and her eyesight was affected but the way she sees colour now, has given her the most remarkable gift for painting.

Her go to medium and what she is known for is her work in acrylics (both soft and heavy body) on canvas and paper, and she has a love of blending her skies.

Learning to paint at a difficult time was a positive because while Jo could not communicate normally, art gave her the power to communicate back through pictures and there is something very powerful to be able to express feelings and words in pictures alone.

Perhaps a bit of what some may call a rogue artist because of her variations of style (but that’s just her, love it or hate!)   Jo is an artist with a total adoration of Cornwall, particularly North Cornwall and landscapes and of course her own roots of the Oxfordshire Countryside with is reflected in her art. But she is also a sucker for some animals too!

Since Lockdown Jo has been given some amazing opportunities and invited to attend things she never expected, but it shows hard work pays off. 2021 saw her first hosted exhibition and first pop up shop! Her artwork is currently up in residence in a few venues in Oxfordshire which is just a dream! 2022 was quite a year and saw Jo as a finalist in the SAA Artist of the Year Awards, as well as making the longlist for  the Chaiya Art Awards 2022 and her art was was also featured in British Vogue (Nov 2022 edition).

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