How to Support

If you would like to donate and support, the best way to do this is to purchase an item from the online shop.  However, there are more ways you can support to, these include;

  • Follow the Stroke of a Brush social media pages (links at the bottom of the page!)
  • Leave a review.  If you purchase or receive a product, it really helps when reviews are left for others to read and can generate further purchases from the shop.
  • Share the Stroke of a Brush website on your social media and in your friendship groups.
  • Interact with Stroke of a Brush social media posts by liking and sharing them
  • Tag Stroke of a Brush in posts online where people are looking for art
  • Share pictures on your social media of any products from Stroke of a Brush you have and tag me in the posts and stories. I will reshare because its great for potential customers to see not just my posts but genuine customers posts.
  • Share any exhibitions Stroke of a Brush is taking part in.
  • Come along to exhibitions I am taking part in (see the exhibitions and events tab for more info)

However you can support, thank you so much, it really is appreciated.

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