Waves of 2020 Original Painting 30×40″


Original painting ‘Waves of 2020’ acrylic on canvas approximately 30×40 inch.


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Original painting ‘Waves of 2020’ acrylic on canvas.

An original acrylic on canvas measuring approximately 30×40 inch.

This piece will come ready to hang.

Waves of 2020 is an abstract piece featuring 3 blocks of very iridescent gold laid over a black undertone and brush marks depicting waves of noise. 2020 hit most of us with quite a shock, for me I found the sudden change of flipping all contact into social media really difficult to keep up with and this abstract was just how I felt at the time. Now I look at this and see it in a totally different light, I see it as a bold statement to never be afraid to go all out in shimmering gold!

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